Client Gift Ideas

Wedding Pro Gift Boxes

Don't know where to start with client gifting? Here are some client gifting ideas to use as inspo from our clients!

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Corporate and Business Gifts

These are a handful of our many bulk corporate and business gifts for clients. Click here to read about the the various types of business gifting we offer! To inquire about gifting, whether it's employee appreciation or custom corporate gifts, you may do so here!

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Welcome Bags for Guests

Details, details, details! We LOVE working with our Event Planner clients! Whether you are a Corporate Event Planner, Wedding Planner or anyone who needs help with welcome gifting, we are here for you! If you're thinking about outsourcing welcome gifts for your hotel guests, a Wedding Planner that is over having your team do them or a Corporate Planner that needs help--you can inquire here for wedding welcome gifts and here for company welcome gifts; so we can get started!

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Here at L+P the Holidays are our Superbowl! It goes without saying that Christmas is our FAVORITE time of year! Click below to see all our featured holiday gifts and some large scale gifting projects! If you are interested in holiday gifts you can inquire here for holiday gifts ideas for employees and clients.

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